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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: "monit reload" mails should be sent to the old e-ma

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: FEATURE REQUEST: "monit reload" mails should be sent to the old e-mail address, too
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:21:42 +0100

Hi Marcus,

i think it is more clear to use M/Monit in this case as monit supervisor - you 
can set the alert rules on M/Monit side and if somebody will force-kill Monit, 
it will send you heartbeat alert (no status update within expected timeframe) - 
or if monit was stopped by the intruder gracefully, monit will send stop event 
which can be delivered as alert by M/Monit.


On Dec 13, 2011, at 1:58 PM, Marcus Mülbüsch wrote:

> Hello,
>   when I change alert e-mail addresses in /etc/monitrc and then reload monit 
> all the new addresses get an e-mail; but not the old ones.
>   Now, one of the features of monit is that it compares checksums of a lot of 
> configuration files; so I will get informed if someone changes those files.
>   While I realize that someone who gains root-access will have a lot of 
> options to screw the server, and monit is not (per se) an IDS, I would expect 
> that I get a mail when monit is killed.
>   Unfortunately it is now easiest to change (or remove) alert addresses, 
> issue a reload and then do whatever you want without monit sending a warning 
> e-mail.
>   It would be a bit more difficult if monit sends the email before re-reading 
> the configuration, so that monit at least tries to inform the former alert 
> message receivers.
>   Again, it still is possible to circumvent monit alerting you, so monit is 
> not an IDS. Still, it's a small improvement.
> Marcus
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