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Re: m/monit not adding new nodes

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: m/monit not adding new nodes
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 17:35:31 +0100


the problem will be most probably caused by the duplicate monit ID … the monit 
ID is stored in the file (by default ~/ and allows to pair the 
messages from monit instance with given M/Monit entry (pairing by IP address is 
not reliable, as the monit agents can be behind NAT/masquerading and they can 
have the same source IP address from M/Monit point of view, hence the concept 
of unique IDs).

If you created the system by cloning existing image, the ID file was cloned 
with it and your monit instances appear in M/Monit as one host.

The solution is simple:
    1.) stop monit on the host with duplicate id (you need to repeat the 
procedure for every host with duplicate id)
    2.) remove the id file (rm -f ~/
    3.) start monit (it will automatically generate new ID and store it to the 

You can put the removal of the idfile to the system cloning script. Also the 
location of the idfile can be changed using this statement in monit 

    set idfile <path>

The error about the Monit version < 5.2 is probably from different host (and it 
is different problem) … check the monit instance running on the 
machine (needs monit upgrade probably).

Best regards,

On Feb 5, 2012, at 4:50 PM, David Montgomery wrote:

> Hi,
> Below is what I have on top of every node in my ec2 cluster.
> is hte ip address of my dedicated server.
> set eventqueue basedir /var/monit/ slots 1000
> set mmonit http://admin:address@hidden:8080/collector
> set httpd port 2812 and use address DNSREPLACE
>    allow localhost
>    allow
>    allow admin:password
> When I boot up and ec2 instance I have a script that replaces
> DNSREPLACE with the intances ip or dns.  I tried both dns and ip.
> Problem is that the dashboard in m/monit does not update.  At most it
> will have one instance.  The first time I installed
> monit...registration was within a few seconds.  I have even trying
> restarting mmonit.
> I installed monit from ubuntu and running dpkg -s monit shows Version:
> 1:5.2.1-1  I am using mmonit-2.4
> In the mmonit error log file there are a lot of these errors but I
> don't know if is related:
> 2012-02-05 07:20:04 AssertException: The id attribute is missing in
> monit element -- M/Monit 2.4 requires Monit 5.2 or later, please
> upgrade Monit (src/servlets/collector/collector_servlet.c
> saxStartElement 429) when processing message posted from Monit at host
> '' (monitid=?)
> Ay clues on how to solve the issue and to get mmonit to work with
> monit?  I am getting alerts form each machine.
> Thanks
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