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Re: monitor only when IP address is local

From: Werner Flamme
Subject: Re: monitor only when IP address is local
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2012 15:18:07 +0100
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Thanks Martin,

of course, this will work :-) The simplest solution is what I think of
last :-)

But... well, the services are not switched over regularly, but only in
case of havoc :-\ Last time, it was a choking SAN/OCFS2 connection...

The service is our SAP router software, and it runs on the VM where
the Solution Manager is running on. Only in case of really bad
circumstances this VM is shut down and the other VM is used to
continue the service ("Emergency! Do something! And QUICK!", you know
this...). It is almost sure that I will forget to disable the service
on the "bad" platform or to enable it on the "good" one. I'd prefer an
automatic solution because of this ;-)

And I am not allowed to use something like heartbeat/corosyc/... on
these systems.


Martin Pala [07.02.2012 15:06]:
> Hi,
> you can set the monitoring mode to "mode manual" (so the service is
> not monitored by default) and enable/disable the monitoring when
> you migrate the IP address using monit CLI utility ("monit
> unmonitor <servicename>" and "monit monitor <servicename>")
> If you have more active/passive services like this, you can put
> them into service group and monitor/start the whole service group:
> monit -g mygroup monitor
> Regards, Martin
> On Feb 7, 2012, at 2:58 PM, Werner Flamme wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> it's my first post on this mailing list, and I am not very used to 
> monit...
> I have a service that runs on a server with a certain IP address 
> (let's say, But this address can be given
> (manually) to serverA or to serverB. So I only have to check the
> service on that machine that got this address.
> The check itself is not hard to do, but how can I "unmonitor" when
> the host where monit is running on does not have this certain IP
> address?
> To check if the host has the address, I can use something like
> HAS_IP=0 /sbin/ifconfig | /usr/bin/grep -q '' &&
> HAS_IP=1 if [ $HAS_IP -eq 1  ]; then ... #/* monitor the service
> */
> If all else fails, I have to include some code like this in 
> /etc/init.d/monit to prevent monit from starting :-(
> Regards, Werner
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