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"execution failed" when trying to monitor HTTP request

From: David Montgomery
Subject: "execution failed" when trying to monitor HTTP request
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 09:34:08 +0800


I have a python script and  used upstart to create a daemon in ubuntu.
 sudo start pixelServer works and the pid file is in /var/run.  I am
using nginx and the server listens on port 80.  Also

In monit when I monitor the process I get "execution failed".  Nginx
is monitored. do I resolve?


check process pixelServer
   with pidfile "/var/run/"
   start program = "sudo start pixelServer"
   #stop program = "sudo stop pixelServer"
   if failed port 80 protocol HTTP
    request /pixel/
    with timeout 10 seconds
    then start

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