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Re: How to check for a path in a url and restart runit if fails

From: Bernd Wurst
Subject: Re: How to check for a path in a url and restart runit if fails
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 07:05:38 +0200
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Am 11.04.2012 20:43, schrieb David Montgomery:
> I am trying to stress test my server.
> I have a process under the control of monit and runit.
> Here is my monit config file for the process
> check process pixelServer
>    with pidfile "/etc/sv/pixelServer/supervise/pid"
>    start program = "/usr/bin/sv up pixelServer"
>    stop program = "/usr/bin/sv kill pixelServer"
>    if failed host port 80 protocol HTTP then exec "sv
> up pixelServer"
>    depends on nginx.
> Here is the log....
> I am checking process every 10 seconds.
> [UTC Apr 11 18:29:37] error    : Error: Could not execute sv
> [UTC Apr 11 18:29:47] error    : 'pixelServer' failed, cannot open a
> connection to INET[] via TCP

I read the other answers and wondered why nobody mentioned the

From you example, I think this is exacly what you should use.

for documentation.

- Bernd

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