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Re: [Announce] Monit 5.5

From: Nick Upson
Subject: Re: [Announce] Monit 5.5
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 11:12:35 +0100

Hi Martin,

any news?

Nick Upson

On 7 September 2012 15:50, Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:
hello Nick, sorry for no response, i'll look on it (was busy with other tasks)

On Sep 7, 2012, at 4:49 PM, Nick Upson <address@hidden> wrote:


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nick Upson <address@hidden>
Date: 5 September 2012 16:39
Subject: Re: [Announce] Monit 5.5
To: This is the general mailing list for monit <address@hidden>


I tried to regain the earlier form of from address by using:

set mail-format { from: address@hidden }     but that still uses the 'check system' system name

check system $HOST              doesn't work, the $HOST is not expanded

any other ideas please.

Nick Upson

On 3 September 2012 01:45, Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi, everyone!

We have just released Monit 5.5. You can download the new release from:

Release information:


* check program:
        - Multiple exit values can be tested within single program check
        - Exit value test supports multiple cycles option ("for X cycles")
        - If exit value test matches and the stderr has no data, try stdout

  Example syntax:
    check program mytest with path "/usr/bin/" with timeout 1000 seconds
       if status == 2 then exec "/usr/local/bin/"
       if status == 2 for 6 cycles then unmonitor
       if status == 10 then alert

* Renamed mail header (message-id and mime-version) to prevent
  triggering spam check of capitalization. Thanks to Ryan Lee
  for tips.

* The 'check system <name>' statement sets the system hostname in mail
  alerts and initial hostname in M/Monit.

* Increase the default mailserver timeout to 30 seconds.

* Add support for OpenBSD 5.1.


* Fix the rare hung on linux which may occur during program execution.
  Thanks to Nick Upson for report.

* In the case that the process start/restart execution failed,
  monit kept "Execution failed" flag even if the process was
  recovered later (for example it was starting slowly or manually

* Fix the mail alert (strict SMTP implementation) to pass
  MTA-side sanity checks like postscreen. Thanks to Len Conrad
  for report.

* The -t option tests the configuration file syntax even if the
  file permissions are wrong. Thanks to Adam Nielsen for report.

* Do not display the default non-existence test for the check
  program (not applicable in the check program context).


If you have questions, comments or any other feedback about this release, please reply to this post.

Best regards from the Monit team

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