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Re: Test output of a script

From: Socki
Subject: Re: Test output of a script
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 16:43:20 +0200
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Hi Andrew,

it THINK this is not possible yet, since the "check program" routine has been added in 5.3 and i couldn't find any clue according analyzing the stdout in the changelogs since 5.3.
I might be wrong, but i think, that you still have to use the exit stati of your script.


On 18 Sep 2012, at 10:10, Andrew Holt wrote:

It would be more useful if I could do something like:

check program testscript with path "/root/Scripts/" with timeout 100 seconds
    if atoi(stdout) < 0 then alert
    if stdout) > 22 then exec '/usr/local/bin/'
    if stdout < 17 then exec '/usr/local/bin/'

Of course you may have a better way . . . .

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