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Re: Fwd: radius syntax?

From: Len Conrad
Subject: Re: Fwd: radius syntax?
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 07:54:01 -0500

>  Which should work.  I wrote the RADIUS test, and use it daily with
>> this always fails, from the monit.log:
>> [CDT Oct 10 13:11:49] error    : '' failed protocol test 
>> [RADIUS] at INET[xx.4.62.16:1812testing123] via UDP -- RADIUS: error sending 
>> query -- No route to host
>  The "no route to host" is an error produced by the operating system.
>It means that there is no route to that IP address.
>  The problem is your network is broken.  There's nothing wrong with the
>RADIUS test.
>  Adds are that you can't "ping" that IP address, either.

the monit that is failing the radius test is running on the same machine as 

doesn't the concatenated IP:portsecret error give some hint?

"failed protocol test [RADIUS] at INET[xx.4.62.16:1812testing123] via UDP"


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