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Re: Fwd: radius syntax?

From: Alan DeKok
Subject: Re: Fwd: radius syntax?
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 17:06:44 +0200
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Len Conrad wrote:
>> Len Conrad wrote:
>>> the monit that is failing the radius test is running on the same machine as 
>>> FreeRadius.
>>  If it's going to an external IP, it still has to be routed.
> monit is checking FreeRadius ports on monit's localhost, .16

  If it's not, it's still a public IP.

> [CDT Oct 13 09:24:36] debug    : '' succeeded connecting 
> to INET[a.b.c.16:1812testing123] via UDP 
> [CDT Oct 13 09:24:37] debug    : udp_write: Resending request 
> [CDT Oct 13 09:24:38] debug    : udp_write: Resending request 
> [CDT Oct 13 09:24:40] debug    : udp_write: Resending request
> [CDT Oct 13 09:24:45] debug    : udp_write: Resending request

  So the real issue is that the RADIUS server isn't responding.

  Go look at the FreeRADIUS debug logs to see why it's ignoring packets
from the monit test.  Is the source IP listed as a client?  Can you do
the same test via "radtest" to the same IP, and have it work?

  Alan DeKok.

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