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monit in root console

From: cgzones
Subject: monit in root console
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 16:56:02 +0200
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Hi list,
i have installed monit 5.5 on debian wheezy (the package is from sid).
I configured the monit httpd with only a read only user.
But then i got the error message "monit: cannot read status from the
monit daemon", when trying to run su from a root console. But when
activate a full user it works.
Is this behavior desired, or did i configure something wrong.

Best regards,
         Christian Göttsche

p.s.: my config

set fips
set httpd port 2812
        and use address localhost
        ssl enable
        pemfile /etc/monit/ssl/monit.pem
        allow localhost
        allow admin:pw #toggeling this line
        allow monit:pw read-only

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