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Re: Alert if file contents are greater than 40

From: Jenny Hopkins
Subject: Re: Alert if file contents are greater than 40
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 12:16:08 +0000

On 11 January 2013 11:49, Callum Macdonald
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On 11/01/13 18:41, Jenny Hopkins wrote:
>> On 11 January 2013 11:02, Callum Macdonald
>> <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Did you read the line of the manual I quoted? I don't think the regex is
>>> your problem, I think you've  misunderstood how the file content check
>>> works. - C
>> I'm sure I have misunderstood!
>> Your quote is from here, I assume:
>> What I don't understand is that the node and file size can stay the
>> same even if the content is changing, so monit won't check. Unless my
>> script destroys then recreates the file each time it runs?
>> Ah well - no worries! Thanks for your replies.
>> Jenny
> It makes sense if you imagine monitoring a log file. You can also test the
> output of a script, so instead of using an intermediary file, you could
> simply have monit call your script and test its output. - Callum.

Ah - this is what I tried at first, but I couldn't find the right
runes.  I had the bash script exit with a status of the memory.  Also
monit doesn't seem to be able to exec a script and pass parameters.



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