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Re: Check if my IP address has changed ?

From: Callum Macdonald
Subject: Re: Check if my IP address has changed ?
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 10:32:29 +0700

According to a quick scan of the man page, monit doesn't support this
type of check natively. You could however write a simple script to check
the IP address. Something like `ifconfig eth0 | grep`. Grep
should exit 0 if found, 1 if not, in which case, monit will read the
exit value and detect an error based on it.

Simple answer is no, but it's hackable easily enough... :-) - C

On Tue, 2013-02-12 at 02:34 +0000, Stephen Butler wrote:
> Is it possible to get monit to check my ip address, and if its not
> what its supposed to be, get it to run a sh script that changes the ip
> address to what It should be ?
> Thanks,
> Stephen.
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