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Re: Question on Monit

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Question on Monit
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 19:24:46 +0100


you can use the "if X restarts withing Y cycles then ACTION" statement. For example if your monit poll cycle is 1 minute ("set daemon 60"):

check process myprocess with pidfile /var/run/
start program = ...
stop program = ...
if 3 restarts within 60 cycles then exec "/foo/bar"

It'll work as long as monit will restart the process (for example because of crash). Monit can also detect external process restart as "PID change", but there is no statement which will allow to set specific action for this event.


On Mar 14, 2013, at 11:36 AM, <address@hidden> wrote:

I want to achieve book keeping feature with Monit utility, e.g I want to check if the certain process has started thrice in one hours of time and if yes then do some action.
Please let me know how do I achieve that.
Best Regards,
Shilpa Jabin
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