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From: Horatiu Nimigean
Subject: Re:
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 14:02:21 +0300
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So let me get this.
You are a student at a computer science and engineering college, yet you have no common sense in formulating a decent question, you have no scenario described (even though one could imagine what you could possibly want) and furthermore you have no clue how to decently formulate an email request on a mailing list ( a blank subject ? REALLY ?). What do you study there ?

On topic though, although your -scientific- request couldn't be more vague, if you intend to monitor the load/storage/local processes, ie components that do not listen to a tcp socket and cannot be remotely monitored you need to install monit on every single one of your "remote" boxes. the monit myriad can be then controlled/monitored with M/Monit which is a centralized monit management platform with a very cute web gui.

I hope my answer was on par and conforms to the standards of your esteemed Computer Science and Engineering branch of your beloved university.

PS: be astonished by the power of the internets when you click this link: the mysterious internets (1st link, page 13)

On 30/5/2013 1:12 PM, Aswin Roy wrote:

How to monitor another computer and its processes? 
Aswin Jose Roy
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