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RE: Allow "user:password" doesn't work

From: Leif Gustafson
Subject: RE: Allow "user:password" doesn't work
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 18:49:24 -0800

You will need to allow the remote host in your configuration file (use
another "allow x.x.x.x" directive).  It appears you have it allowed to
accept connections on port 2837 only from localhost.  Also, check if there
are other filewalls between the monit host and your PC.

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Subject: Allow "user:password" doesn't work

I'm using Monit 5.5.1
I have set in monitrc config file:

> set httpd port 2837 and
>                 allow localhost
>                 allow admin:admin

But when I try to connect from remote PC to Monit http server using Firefox,
it doesn't connect. It doesn't ask for user:password.
What's the problem?

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