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RE: Question about restart/stop

From: Jorge Bastos
Subject: RE: Question about restart/stop
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 21:03:41 +0100

> >> You can enable the monitoring again using either "monit monitor
> >> <servicename>" or "monit start <servicename>".
> >
> > Monit stop's running that's what I find odd.
> >
> > Allow me to ask, can I use restart instead of stop, and since I don't
> > have a "start program" defined, it won't do nothing for start, right?
> You can run monit in foreground and enable debug mode:
>       monit -vI
> Regarding the restart - if the start or stop program is missing and the
> monitored service is process ("check process"), then the restart is not
> performed at all (even stop is skipped).


Martin, thanks for the great software!

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