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Possible typo

From: Jorge Bastos
Subject: Possible typo
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:32:28 +0100



I’ve seen in some situations a text that i think it’s a typo, on PID changes, and monit reports “PPID changed……”


Doing a:


grep -r "PPID" *


On the source I saw for example:


src/validate.c:                Event_post(s, Event_PPid, STATE_CHANGED, s->action_PPID, "process PPID changed from %d to %d", s->inf->priv.process._ppid, s->inf->priv.process.ppid);

src/validate.c:                Event_post(s, Event_PPid, STATE_CHANGEDNOT, s->action_PPID, "process PPID has not changed since last cycle");




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