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New Features

From: sven falempin
Subject: New Features
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 13:18:51 -0500

Dear Monit user,
Recently few of us ask to run a specific restart command. For my need i would like to add some other function to monit. Keeping 100% compat with MMonit. is a fork of monit with 'cutting edge' (kidding) hmm new feature.
It enables web file injection like _javascript_ or css (imagine the possibility of that !).
It enables the remote edition of files, following an interesting life cycle.
It also enables the restart(reload) of monit from the gui.
And most relevant to some recent expectation it handle custom commands , no only start and stop.
Each command is valid for A service, no globals command. They can be called in monit syntax (if failed then custom XXXX)
through cli and (of course) gui.
All this command are available in buttons at the bottom of the gui.
A command may be followed by ALLOW USER so a read only user may also activate this command.
(btw, monits sir , the html code of button got a buggy supplementary TD)
I try to stay in sync with monit bug correction.
All test are welcomed and i suppose sourceforge can receive your tickets.
Features are made in this fork only if I have a use for it + time, or with paiement :D
Best regards

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