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M/Monit + API -> LCD ColdTears

From: Rui Lapa
Subject: M/Monit + API -> LCD ColdTears
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 14:53:24 +0000
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Hi All,

I've been using a LCD ColdTears with a little python to display M/Monit status on this USB LCD, as attached image.

This is a little gift to help some start using the M/Monit API, other to help make better wallboards.
    Either way, have fun!
For me, since most times I have no alerts on the monitored m/monit/LCD, I have a nice watch.

    - clone pylcdsysinfo from github
    - uncompress file inside pylcdsysinfo
    - run
    - edit customizable vars
    and then start

I'm not a python programmer, just a newbie that hacked this up to say thank you to TildeSlash and all developers involved in monit/mmonit.

Thanks a lot,
    Rui Lapa

PS: Does the dog have a name? ;)

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