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Re: Proxy

From: Philip Waters
Subject: Re: Proxy
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 08:55:37 -0700
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Trying to monitor the remote website through the proxy.

I understand the problem of the proxy not working, but say the proxy is working 
properly: I have not been able to successfully test a remote host through the 
proxy at all, and I know that the proxy is working otherwise (wget can get the 
page and wget's output shows me the proxy is used).

This makes me wonder what monit uses to determine whether it needs to go over 
proxy. If I use a tcp port 80 test, does it know it is a web request? or is 
there a particular directive I need to use in monit.

What does monit look for? Is export http_proxy="proxy:port" sufficient? Or do i need to 
do all the system-wide settings for each variety of distro. I acknowledge this is in a lot of ways 
a "proxy for distro" question, but what I wonder is what is monit coded to look for among 
the many ways proxy could be configured.

If I intend the test to pass through the proxy am I required to use the Maxforward 
directive (MAXFORWARD>=1). If so (that maxforward assumes 0 by default), then 
that is my problem, and I will try it out. It is just good to know I'm not 
experimenting towards futility.



Message: 2
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:52:09 +0100
From: Martin Pala<address@hidden>
To: This is the general mailing list for monit
Subject: Re: Proxy
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Please can you describe what exactly do you want to monitor? Is it the proxy 
itself or the remote website health?

If you're testing via proxy and the request fails, then you cannot tell if the 
problem is on the proxy itself or behind it (network, etc.), hence testing 
other websites via proxy is suboptimal (due to extra indirection level) - the 
only thing which you can test reliably is the proxy itself. If you really want 
to make sure some site is generally available (not just via your proxy), then 
you should definitely bypass the proxy and test directly. The probe location 
depends what you really want to test - whether the network or the service on 
the remote host itself.

To send proxy request you can use for example generic send/request test to ask 
proxy for some specific page behind it, see manual for more details:

The HTTP request via proxy is similar to normal request, you just need to 
specify full URL in the request.


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