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Hosts on M/Monit keep going offline and online at regular intervals

From: Abdul Munim Kazia
Subject: Hosts on M/Monit keep going offline and online at regular intervals
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 15:07:41 +0530


I have been using monit and m/monit at my organization for the past year or so. What started out as a simple setup with a handful of servers has now become a full monitoring dashboard with more than 100 hosts listed on m/monit. 

While monit itself works perfectly, at every regular interval of a few minutes, some of the hosts get reported as "no report from monit" in the m/monit console. The report comes in a few seconds and the host becomes green again. This happens fairly regularly, and it happens to a different set of hosts every time. All the hosts and the m/monit host itself are hosted in the same data center, so I don't think that network latency is an issue. 

This could be occurring because m/monit doesn't receive the data for all hosts in time, and it wouldn't be an issue for me, if it didn't crowd the events list with 20-30 events every half an hour. 

I have looked at the server.conf file, but I don't think any of those configuration settings will help me out, if I am not wrong. Has anyone faced this issue before? Is there any way to fix this, either from monit's or m/monit's end? Can I increase this timeout?

Thanks for you help

Abdul Munim Kazia

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