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Re: Reset time patch

From: Rory Toma
Subject: Re: Reset time patch
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 10:50:44 -0800
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On 2/28/14, 8:04 AM, Weedy wrote:

On 27 Feb 2014 15:36, "Rory Toma" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Attached is a patch that will re-init monit if the timestamp of the monit pidfile is older than the uptime of the system and you have sysinfo.
> This is useful on embedded systems that may not have a battery backed clock, as when the time is set, the system can jump forward 40 years.

We "fixed" this in OpenWRT with an init script.

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We use OpenWRT, but we are also using monit as an sys v startup partial replacement. Our box comes up and sets time to something fairly recent, so SSL works, and then ntp will kick in later. However, we have stuff that is started by monit to start the network. In our case, this patch works, and, true, may not be good for general use. It may be sufficient to reset the time counters internal to monit instead of re-initting it.

Not necessarily expecting it to be in the mainline, but thought someone might find it useful or have a different solution.

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