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Monit reinitialize itself

From: Guido Accardo
Subject: Monit reinitialize itself
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 09:39:48 -0300

Hi everyone, 

I have a question regarding what I presume is a weird behavior or a least unexpected. 

This morning I've received an alert about monit changed it pid. First I've checked that all monitored processes were alive and they were, but in /var/log/monit.log.1 I see:

[UTC Jun 18 06:46:08] info     : Awakened by the SIGHUP signal
[UTC Jun 18 06:46:08] info     : Reinitializing monit - Control file '/etc/monit/monitrc'
[UTC Jun 18 06:46:08] info     : Shutting down monit HTTP server
[UTC Jun 18 06:46:08] info     : monit HTTP server stopped

So, this confirms that monit has been reloaded but I can't see why. I've taken a look into bash_history of all users just in case one of them has restarted it intentionally, but nothing appeared.

Is there an expected situation in what monit could reinitialize itself? I've been using monit for more than 1 year in this server and this is the first time that something like this occurs. Also, cpu use, memory use, load and disk space are fine.

Some more information:

* This is Monit version 5.3.2
* Ubuntu 12.04.4 64bits (AMI running in amazon EC2)

Thank you.

Best, Guido.-

Guido Accardo

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