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Using nginx as SSL termination point for an instance of mmonit?

From: Daniel Smedegaard Buus
Subject: Using nginx as SSL termination point for an instance of mmonit?
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 13:39:59 +0200

Hi :)

I'm trying to get mmonit running behind an nginx proxy. The server is
already running a number of web services under some different
subdomains, and I'd like for mmonit to run at

Nginx is already configured with the SSL certificates for the domain,
and I'd like for it to terminate all SSL connections and communicate
with the upstream servers behind it in-the-clear, which is why I've
configured mmonit like so,

<Connector proxyName="mmonit.[my-domain]" proxyPort="443" address="*"
port="6060" processors="10" />

(Port 8080 is already being used by a different web service).

Problem is, mmonit then chooses to redirect the browser to regular
http at port 443, i.e. http://mmonit.[my-domain]:443/index.csp, which
of course results in a 400 Bad Request with the note, "The plain HTTP
request was sent to HTTPS port".

Changing proxyName to https://mmonit.[my-domain] just makes mmonit
strip the colon, prepend http:// and redirect the browser there, which
of course is nowhere :)

Adding 'secure="true"' to the Connector options results in a 502 Bad
Gateway and "(104: Connection reset by peer) while reading response
header from upstream" in the nginx error log (mmonit is running,
though), probably because it's now looking for certificate files to
start doing SSL, which I don't want it to do in the first place ;)

How can I configure this? I can't see the manual saying anything about this...

Thanks in advance,

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