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initializing takes a long time

From: Horatiu N
Subject: initializing takes a long time
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 09:53:53 +0300
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I have monit configured to check remote hosts for icmp and ssh.
When i start monit i have to wait a couple of hours for it to finish "initializing".
it seems the hosts are not checked in parallel but sequentially so when host1 is done "initializing" it moves to host2 and so on.
Problem is one host takes a good 10 minutes or so to finish "initializing"
i have
set daemon 60
 and have about 100+ hosts to check
one host definition looks like this

check host host01 with address IP.ADD.RR
        if failed icmp type echo count 10 with timeout 18 seconds for 5 times within 5 cycles then alert
        if failed port 22 protocol ssh with timeout 180 seconds for 5 times within 5 cycles then alert 

some hosts have other services also like http and/or custom tcp/udp ports.

This for some reason happened all of a sudden without change to configs. Usually when i would add configuration to monit and restart i would barely have time to refresh the page since "Initializing" was done very fast for tens of hosts at a time .

How can i fix this since it's not real-time monitoring anymore.

PS: i had to increase the timeouts and counts like that because monit would spam email with lots of failures/recoveries where there were no actual failures happening.

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