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RE: Feature Request: put alerts in message queues

From: Roose, Marco
Subject: RE: Feature Request: put alerts in message queues
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 13:03:34 +0000

>From my point of view the mentioned generic solution like using the exec
statement is the idea of choice. But if there would be the possibility to
pass some data to the exec statement this would become awesome. 

Some example:

check process foo with pidfile /run/
  if failed something exec ""

I case of an alert it would e.g. call -H <Hostname> -s <Servicename> -m <some message text> (... some

Then the script can use the command line arguments and do some more exciting
things ;-)

Best regards,
Marco Roose

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Sent: Monday, January 26, 2015 1:40 PM
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Subject: Re: Feature Request: put alerts in message queues

Integrating Monit with a message bus/queue sounds like a good idea.
Unfortunately there are a plethora of options and selecting one and
integrating with just one is probably not a good idea. For Monit's part
using a more abstract or general integration solution makes better sense.
Luckily this is already in place [1], namely using the exec statement to
call out to any program which can do the delivery. PagerDuty for instance
has an example here Mind, not a
message queue, but the approach should be similar.

1. That said, alert in Monit could be improved and is something we think
about. Some discussion has been done here
by-shell-commands/diff and we're also planning to include nanomsg in Monit.
Nanomsg is kind of a predecessor to ZeroMQ. 

> On 23 Jan 2015, at 18:53, Steven Truong <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have used monit for a long time and I love it.  Thanks for all the hard
> It came to my realization that email alerts are getting old and there are
certainly needs to tight monit into other monitoring solutions such as
nagios/Icinga/Sensu.  The idea is instead of getting alert emails from Monit
and other monitoring solution I would like to see monit submit
statuses/alerts to message queues such as 0MQ or the likes and then my
monitoring solution to read of the queues and take care of the logics and
decide how to alert me.  Besides that, I think there are some overlapping in
using monit and other monitoring solutions.
> Currently, I use monit to monitor and auto restart critical services and
then alert.  I then also use another monitoring solution to monitor whether
these critical services are running or not.  
> I would rather want to use monit to take care the works of monitoring and
restarting these critical services and submit results to queues and the
other monitoring solution will just handle other monitoring needs but is
responsible for all monitoring alerts.
> There are real needs to be able to monitor and auto restart critical
services but there are quite a lot of overlaps in using these solutions
> Please point me to any information that I might have missed and share your
thoughts on this feature request.
> Thank you very much,
> Steven.

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