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Re: M/Monit: HTTP 408 Request Timeout

From: Thomas Spicer
Subject: Re: M/Monit: HTTP 408 Request Timeout
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 16:40:29 -0400


Can you point me to specific configuration/setup examples for Monit / Docker? While we can get inbound events to flow into M/Monit connecting back to the Monit agent has presented a challenge. We are happy to read through anything that describes this

set httpd
    unixsocket /var/run/monit.sock
    allow user:pass

No port is specified for the socket? When we tried to include port it said “syntax error”. Same for SSL. We removed those for now.

On Apr 3, 2015, at 3:51 PM, Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:

Regarding the port 2812 issues ... you can use unixsocket as an option to TCP port for Monit HTTP (added in Monit 5.12 specifically because of Docker networking specifics).

Regarding the setup - yes, the classic active-passive cluster (hot-cold) is possible.


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