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mmonit certification query

From: Deepthi Joshi -X (deeptjos - SCARLET WIRELESS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED at Cisco)
Subject: mmonit certification query
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 10:56:04 +0000


In our setup, we are using monit to talk to mmonit over TLS on port 8443. Though the certificate is expired on the mmonit server, the client (monit agent) seems to successfully connect to mmonit and send the data. So it appears that the monit agent (client) is ignoring the certificates. How do we enable monit agent to validate the certificate presented by the mmonit server ?

What is the exact configuration needed in monitrc.


        We also want mmonit to validate the client (monit agent). So is there a way to setup mutual TLS so that mmonit accepts connections only from valid client ? If so, how to setup this ?



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