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YAJSW wrapper service monitor

From: frwa onto
Subject: YAJSW wrapper service monitor
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 23:01:37 +0800

Hi All,
         I have managed to run a java service using the this tool called YAJSW. In the bin folder for each service being managed you have a number of .sh files. Among them is to start my service and to stop the service. I would like monit to monitor my service too just incase its down to restart. I notice in the /var/run I can see this file with pid in it. But in the top I can see just the command being stated as java.

My monit version is version 5.1.1 and when I run monit status I get this  monit status
monit: error connecting to the monit daemon but I have run it using 
service monit start
Starting monit:                                            [  OK  ]

 So I am trying to write this as the command to monitor it and here is my script which I edit the monit.conf. I dont see it functioning 

   check process service1 with pidfile /var/run/
         start program = "usr/local/yasjws/binService/ start" 
         stop program  = "usr/local/yasjws/binService/ stop"
       if failed then restart

Any suggestion on this ?

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