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cycles bug ?

From: stefanx
Subject: cycles bug ?
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2015 18:28:51 +0100
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until today I thought one cycle is always equal to the number of seconds in the 
"set daemon"
config options. But this is definitely not the case (Monit 5.6, Ubuntu 14.04, a 
lot of tests),
here an example:

set daemon 300
set alert address@hidden not on { instance,action } with reminder on 288 cycles
check file test with path "/tmp/testfile" every 20 cycles
      if timestamp > 1 days then alert
      alert address@hidden only on { timestamp }
      with mail-format {
      from: address@hidden
      subject: test
      message: test
} with reminder on 288 cycles

In the first occurrence of "288 cycles", 1 cycle = 300 s, so the reminder will 
be send one time every day
(288 x 300 = 86400 seconds = 1 day). But in the second occurrence of "288 
cycles", 1 cycle = 20x300 = 6000s,
so the alert will be send on every 20th day (20 x 300 x 288s).

Is this a bug ?

Thanks and regards


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