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Re: Video tear after enabling Monit

From: Joost Plas | Pandora
Subject: Re: Video tear after enabling Monit
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 17:02:20 +0100

Indeed I was using ‘check process’ to monitor Google Chrome.
I’ve reverted Monit and started with the default monitrc again. So far the issue has not reappeared.

Thanks! I will test more and see which step exactly causes the issue. 

Kind regards,

Op 8 jan. 2016, om 16:20 heeft Martin Pala <address@hidden> het volgende geschreven:


if you use "check process" with process pattern rather then pidfile ("match" vs. "pidfile"), it may have CPU usage impact on low-power platforms, see for details. The issue will be fixed in the next monit release, you can switch to check process via pidfile as a workaround.

If your use case doesn't match the above, please send the data asked for by Dylan.


On 06 Jan 2016, at 16:00, Joost Plas | Pandora <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi guys,

I’m having some strange issues with Monit. I’ve tried it to monitor my digital signage players. 
The players are NUC’s running Ubuntu 14.04.3 with a full screen Google Chrome browser.

For some reason enabling Monit on these players messes up the video playback in the browser and I end up with a lot of video tear and higher CPU usage.
I find this very strange and I cannot see a logical explanation for this so I’m a bit clueless in the troubleshooting. I can provide all necessary log files on request of course.

If I play a video in the browser with monit enabled I have a average CPU usage of 80 % and bad playback / tear.
When I disable Monit and reboot I have smooth playback and a average CPU usage of 40 %.

Any tips?

Kind regards,


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