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Hacky Slack - Monit2Slack Webhook Client

From: Thomas Spicer
Subject: Hacky Slack - Monit2Slack Webhook Client
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 14:22:06 -0400

Fellow Monit Users,

Just released a Slack integration for Monit called "Hacky Slack". Hacky Slack was created to provide better support for Monit within Slack, especially where customizing the Slack UI for Monit events is desirable. By making Monit events in Slack more visually compelling with color, layout and icons, I found it provide users more context around the event.

Hacky Slack uses Monit event variables for the Slack message. This means it operates with minimal user input. This offers greater consistency for Monit Slack messages across teams and systems. 

A collection of Monit specific icons are also provided. These can be used for different events for CPU, Memory or processing issues. Down the road each Monit event can be mapped to its own visual treatment. 

Feedback and requests are welcome.



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