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Re: How to stop a process permanent

From: Christopher Wood
Subject: Re: How to stop a process permanent
Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 09:38:55 -0400
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On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 01:12:08PM +0200, Lutz Mader wrote:
> Hi all folks,
> I start using monit some months ago and got a problem all the time a
> "Process" or "Program" was stopped via monit and became "Not monitored"
> (the process was gone), but started by someone else manually later
> (started outside from monit).

Apart from your training issue of staff not using correct daemon start 
procedures, it sounds like you'd get more mileage from configuration management 
(ansible/chef/puppet/salt/etc.) for this issue. That way every configuration 
management application would return the daemon to its correct state, and could 
also update your monit configuration (including monit reload) besides.

> This is sometimes a problem, because independent of a process is running
> or stopped, monit gives the information "Not monitored" all the time and
> there is no way to stop this "Zombieā€œ via monit.
> The service monitoring mode is active all the, this is the default.
> My question, how to stop a process via monit permanently.
> How to identify such a manually startet process and how to get the right
> state for this processes.
> Today my understanding of "Not monitored" is, monit ignore the "Process"
> or "Program" (the "status" and "monitoring status" is set to "Not
> monitored"),
> but this is not something like a "Stopped" status.
> Any suggestion how to handle this,
> Lutz
> p.s.
> I start using monit in january this year with some AIX, Linux systems to
> migrate the application startup, stopping and monitoring to a more
> useful tool.
> In the past we, I use lots of application specific start, stop, monitor
> scripts, but this doesn't fit my understanding of the way how to do this.
> I start using monit to get a useful tool to do all the systems
> housekeeping in a easy way with a uniform interface to handle all the
> actions.
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