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RE: How to stop a process permanent

From: lutz . mader
Subject: RE: How to stop a process permanent
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 11:40:01 +0200
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Hello Christoper, Russell,
thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, in general it's a handlings problem.
All the time someone use an old script to start somethings, monit doesn't 
notice this.
I add some additional code to use the right commands inside the schripts now. 

        if [ "$MONIT_SERVICE" = 'Manager' ]; then
          $0 stop
          sleep 30
          $0 start
          $HOME/monit/bin/monit restart Manager

On the other hand, the scripts handle the "start" of a running appliaction well.
There is no way to start an application twice, there is a check inside the 

In general I thing, "Not monitored" is the wrong status on a "Stopped" 
"Process" or "Program".
But "Not monitored" is an easy way to prevent an application to be startet 
again by monit, but it's the wrong way and doesn't fit well (sometimes), sorry.

In general monit is a nice/usefull/easy tool,


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