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onreboot with option laststate is a nice idea

From: Lutz Mader
Subject: onreboot with option laststate is a nice idea
Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 19:25:34 +0200
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Hi development team,
with Monit 5.18 "onreboot" became available with option "laststate".
This is a nice idea and fix some of my problems after a system crashed.

The documentation said.
> In laststate mode, a service's monitoring state is persistent across
> reboot. For instance, if a service was started before reboot, it
> willl be started after reboot. If it was stopped before reboot, it
> will not be started after and so on.

But all the time I/we shutdown a system a "monit stop" is used to stop
the services, after then, we stop some basic applications (like monit)
and shutdown/halt the system itself.
The only way to get the services up and running again is a "monit start"
after a reboot.

In my opinion "onreboot" is a nice idea, but the first step only.

In the past, I used a tool that was able to remember the previous
application state and start applications are started only after a system
reboot or crash.
On the other hand the tool discern between a unknown (not monitored) and
a stopped application. In a short form, the tool continue monitoring
stopped applications. And all the time someone started an application
outside the tool, the tool stopped the application again, because the
desired state of the application is stopped.

In general, YES, "onreboot" fix problems and make the handling more easy.

With regards,

I fixed some of my problems that someone try to deceive monit by
modified start-stop scripts, like suggest by some people from the
mailing list. But, it doesn't fix all problems.

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