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Re: onreboot with option laststate is a nice idea

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: onreboot with option laststate is a nice idea
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 21:42:02 +0200

Hello Lutz,

we have created a new issue to track this feature request, so it can be added 
(tentative) in the future:

Best regards,

> On 29 May 2016, at 19:25, Lutz Mader <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi development team,
> with Monit 5.18 "onreboot" became available with option "laststate".
> This is a nice idea and fix some of my problems after a system crashed.
> The documentation said.
>> In laststate mode, a service's monitoring state is persistent across
>> reboot. For instance, if a service was started before reboot, it
>> willl be started after reboot. If it was stopped before reboot, it
>> will not be started after and so on.
> But all the time I/we shutdown a system a "monit stop" is used to stop
> the services, after then, we stop some basic applications (like monit)
> and shutdown/halt the system itself.
> The only way to get the services up and running again is a "monit start"
> after a reboot.
> In my opinion "onreboot" is a nice idea, but the first step only.
> In the past, I used a tool that was able to remember the previous
> application state and start applications are started only after a system
> reboot or crash.
> On the other hand the tool discern between a unknown (not monitored) and
> a stopped application. In a short form, the tool continue monitoring
> stopped applications. And all the time someone started an application
> outside the tool, the tool stopped the application again, because the
> desired state of the application is stopped.
> In general, YES, "onreboot" fix problems and make the handling more easy.
> With regards,
> Lutz
> p.s.
> I fixed some of my problems that someone try to deceive monit by
> modified start-stop scripts, like suggest by some people from the
> mailing list. But, it doesn't fix all problems.
> --
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