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RE: Re: onreboot with option laststate is a nice idea

From: lutz . mader
Subject: RE: Re: onreboot with option laststate is a nice idea
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 17:57:32 +0200
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Hello Martin,
thanks your effort.

> Some users however need to make sure that the stopped application was not 
> started
> externally, i.e. if the application is started, make sure it is running and 
> if it
> is stopped, make sure it is still stopped.
> It is on the same page with requests where the user wants to make sure that 
> some
> application is always stopped - in this case it is antonym of "if does not 
> exists
> then " test: ""if exists then ". The above described request is
> more dynamic ... uses "if does not exist" if the application was started and
> "if exists" if the application was stopped.

Yes, you are right.
But I think, the problem based on the dependency of the service status and the 
monitoring status also.
All the time I used "monit stop", the service is stopped and the status and the 
monitor status become "Not monitored".

Service status "Not monitored", this is the historic name (I think), means the 
service is "Stopped".
Monitor status "Not monitored" means the monitor ignores the service from now.

If something like a "if exits then " became available it doesn't do anything 
because the service monitoring is switched off for the service all the time a 
"monit stop" was used.

In my opinion it is necessary to break the dependency between the status 
The monitoring status with "Monitored" and "Not monitored" fits, but the 
dependency to the service status is sometimes improper, I thing.

Something like a "monit stop", for a process, should result in something like
service status "Stopped"
Monitoring status "Monitored"

A "monit start" or "monit monitor" should result in
service status "Running", "Accessible", "Online with all services", "Status 
ok", etc.(depending on whether the service became available or not)
Monitoring status "Monitored"

A "monit unmonitor" should result in
service status "Not monitored"
Monitoring status "Not monitored"

The next step is a additional desired status to give someone more information 
about the new, the desired, service status.
For example, the desired status is "Stopped" as long as the process is 
"Running" all the time someone enter "monit stop".

This fits to the new "onreboot" statement and give some more help if a process 
is not start.
For example "onreboot nostart" is used, the desired status become "Stopped" 
because the process never started automatically.
Or with "onreboot start" the desired status became "Started" independend a 
process is started or not (a dependency doesn't fit).
And with "onreboot laststate" the last desired status is used.

Sorry, some suggestion or notes only. I save a lot of time since I use monit.

With regards,

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