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monitor services per host/hostgroup? import env vars to config?

From: Techno Magos
Subject: monitor services per host/hostgroup? import env vars to config?
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2016 13:49:34 +0100

Thanks for monit; great tool ! Below could help make it better!

Is it possible to config monit so it monitors certain services (check/program) for some given hosts?
Scenario is that you have N hosts to monitor with M services, but need to run selected services in certain hosts.

Can this be done already in some way? If not, one way would be to add support to include command, liek

set hostgroup hgrp1 = host1 host2 host 3
set hostgroup hgrp2 = host2 host4 host 5

include  file-pattA    if host in hgrp1
include  file-patt B  if host in hgrp2

This would allow to use uniform config files across many hosts - without having to use extra s/w to achieve it


One more issue: when one needs to monitor networking with single config file is that IP addresses (or eth interfaces) can be differernt per host. Appears there is no  easy way to do this
One way can be for monit to be able to import env vars (set before it starts) into its config file. Possible?

-- tm

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