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Re: monitoring users on system

From: Justin Rodino
Subject: Re: monitoring users on system
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2016 13:07:05 -0700

I was hoping you could do something with

check system
if users > X then alert

but I do like your alternative approach using a simple one line script as part of a check program my script …



On October 27, 2016 at 12:57:40, Tino Hendricks (address@hidden) wrote:

How about utilizing the output of
who | wc -l



> Am 27.10.2016 um 21:45 schrieb Justin Rodino <address@hidden>:
> Is there a way with monit to monitor the user count logged in to a system with the system derivative or some other alternative like there is load, cpu, memory?
> Thanks,
> Justin
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