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From: Smith, Graham - Computing Technical Officer
Subject: isn't the same as localhost
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 19:09:38 +0000

Something simple that eluded me for a while today – I’ll send this out just in case it helps someone else.


In my control file I had:




But I couldn’t view monit status or monit summary on the command line. I kept getting:


Error receiving data -- Connection reset by peer


http access worked perfectly though. Alerts and everything working fine.

monit –t told me the control file was fine too. A bit of a puzzle


But I looked at the log file suggested “Denied connection from non-authorized client”


That made me go back and look at the authentication, but all looked ok. I swapped

allow for allow localhost and all was good again. I pinged localhost

and it resolved to ::1   aha! so it’s an ipv6 resolution not ipv4!

I should have spotted this quicker. And of course ::1 works instead of localhost in the control file.


This is 5.20.0 on Debian Jessie by the way. Probably the same happens in all current distros.




Graham Smith
Technical Officer
Department of Computing
Institute of Technology Tallaght
Dublin 24


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