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monitoring desktops

From: Smith, Graham - Computing Technical Officer
Subject: monitoring desktops
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2017 16:06:54 +0000

Hi all,


I’m successfully using monit on a number of servers for a variety of diverse tasks.

But now I’d like to monitor some desktops and other devices that may be down or unplugged

by a user – but not indefinitely.


A desktop may be not used for up to about 4 days and that would be normal enough if

classrooms aren’t full for some groups and 2 of those days are the weekend.

If it is not used beyond about 4 days, that it raises suspicion that there may be a

failure worthy of investigation. In short I need a more “fuzzy” uptime check.


I can use the cron section so I don’t get alerts outside of term time and that’s useful.


But the maximum limit of 64 cycles isn’t really enough. With a  30 second cycle I’d need something like:


check host Lab220-01 with address

        if failed ping with timeout 10 seconds for 11520 cycles then alert



I could script something externally to keep a count of length of outage producing a score similar to how e-mails are scored for probability of

spam content. Then poll that in monit based on exit status. But that seems an inelegant solution. Anybody using monit in this way?






Graham Smith
Technical Officer
Department of Computing
Institute of Technology Tallaght
Dublin 24


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