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Re: missing or invalid Authorization header

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: missing or invalid Authorization header
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 11:45:58 +0200

Hello Thomas,

this error is usually related to the first request the browser sends, as the browser doesn't "know" yet, that authorization is required. Monit sends a "401" response and browser then repeats the request with Basic authentication (some browsers send multiple requests in parallel, for example for favicon, so Monit may log two such errors at once). See for example if you are interested in how Basic authentication works.

We have lowered the priority of this message from "error" to "debug" in Monit 5.23.0, so it won't flood logs unless you enable the debug mode.

Best regards,

On 18 Jul 2017, at 08:51, Thomas Lau <address@hidden> wrote:

 error    : HttpRequest: access denied -- client missing or invalid Authorization header

I keep seeing this on my log, anyone have idea why?

Thomas Lau
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Tetrion Capital Limited

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