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Re: monit alert -- Status failed network_resolv

From: SZÉPE Viktor
Subject: Re: monit alert -- Status failed network_resolv
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 08:06:13 +0200
User-agent: Horde Application Framework 5

Idézem/Quoting Juergen Nickelsen <address@hidden>:

On 2017-10-17, at 23:13, SZÉPE Viktor <address@hidden> wrote:

I may seem a rookie but why am I getting an email on the execution of a Slack script?

check program network_resolv
with path "/usr/local/sbin/ -c RES -r '3'" every 33 cycles
  group integrity
  if status != 0 then alert
if status != 0 then exec "/usr/local/sbin/ ''"

Being relatively new to monit, too, I'd say because there are two "if status != 0 then" clauses: (a) alert (meaning the email message), and (b) exec the slack script.

So, I'd remove the first one, "if status != 0 then alert", to try to get rid of the email message, if that is what you want.

Thank you.
I receive 2 emails.

SZÉPE Viktor, honlap üzemeltetés
+36-20-4242498  address@hidden  skype: szepe.viktor
Budapest, III. kerület

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