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mmonit sending messages via pushover using "curl 7.56.1"

From: Marcus Mülbüsch
Subject: mmonit sending messages via pushover using "curl 7.56.1"
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 13:49:12 +0100
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after I upgraded curl to version 7.56.1 I noticed, that my pushover messages were cut off at the first comma. Whether that is intentional or a bug I do not know (and I do not care), but I wanted to let you know that using "--form-string" instead of "--form" or "-F" solved the problem.

   So instead of:

 curl -s \
   -F "token=your_mmonit_or_monit_app_token" \
   -F "user=your_pushover_net_user_token" \

you simply use:

 curl -s \
   -F "token=your_mmonit_or_monit_app_token" \
   -F "user=your_pushover_net_user_token" \
   --form_string "message=[$MONIT_HOST] $MONIT_SERVICE - $MONIT_DESCRIPTION" \

and everything will be back as normal, allowing you to send messages that contain a comma.

Could someone with access to the wiki please update the example-sript at:



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