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monit stops

From: SZÉPE Viktor
Subject: monit stops
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 15:11:17 +0100
User-agent: Horde Application Framework 5

Good afternoon!

[UTC Dec 10 13:45:49] info     : 'rngd' restart on user request
[UTC Dec 10 13:45:49] info     : Monit daemon with PID 26411 awakened
[UTC Dec 10 13:45:49] info     : 'rngd' trying to restart
[UTC Dec 10 13:45:49] info     : 'rngd' stop: '/etc/init.d/rng-tools stop'
[UTC Dec 10 13:45:49] critical : AssertException: P
 raised in Process_exitStatus at src/system/Command.c:293

I issued monit restart rngd
This is the config:

 check process "rngd" with pidfile "/run/"
   group "system"
   group "rngd"
   start program = "/etc/init.d/rng-tools start"
   stop program = "/etc/init.d/rng-tools stop"
   if 5 restarts with 5 cycles then unmonitor
   depends on rngd_bin
   depends on rngd_test
   depends on rngd_rc
   depends on rngd_init

 check file "rngd_bin" with path "/usr/sbin/rngd"
   group "rngd"
   include "/etc/monit/templates/rootbin"

check program "rngd_test" with path "/usr/local/sbin/" with timeout 10 seconds every 33 cycles
   group "rngd"
   if status != 0 then alert

 check file "rngd_rc" with path "/etc/default/rng-tools"
   group "rngd"
   include "/etc/monit/templates/rootrc"

 check file "rngd_init" with path "/etc/init.d/rng-tools"
   group "rngd"
   include "/etc/monit/templates/rootbin"

Please advise.

SZÉPE Viktor, honlap üzemeltetés
+36-20-4242498  address@hidden  skype: szepe.viktor
Budapest, III. kerület

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