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Building monit myself for Linux s390x

From: Lutz Mader
Subject: Building monit myself for Linux s390x
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2018 21:13:26 +0200
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Hello Tildeslash,
a question of understanding only.
I participate in a project and build my own monit program, the people
plan to use monit in a Linux (s390x) environment.

I find the following in the configure log:

checking for zlib.h... yes
checking for PAM support... enabled
checking for pam_start in -lpam... yes
checking for static SSL support... enabled
checking for SSLv2... yes
checking for TLSv1.1... yes
checking for TLSv1.2... yes
checking for TLSv1.3... no
checking for EC_KEY support... yes
checking for ASN1_TIME_diff support... yes

This should be correct, TLSv1.3 is not available with OpenSSL 1.0.2m or
OpenSSL 1.0.2o used to bind static to mont 5.25.1 or monit 5.25.2.
>From my point of view, TLSV13 is an option for SSL settings only, but
not available in the used OpenSSL libraries today (became available with
OpenSSL 1.1.0h only, for example).

In a short word, TLSv1.3 is not available today, with monit 5.25.2?!

The first time I try to build monit, the libssl.a (and libcrypto.a)
library was not found, because the useful ssl libraries are available in
the lib64 folder only (I’m on a SLES 11, s390x 64-bit, system).

I add the lib64 folder to the configure script therefore, to get the
64-bit libraries.

# Check whether --with-ssl-static was given.
if test "${with_ssl_static+set}" = set; then :
                for dir in "$withval" "$withval/include"; do
            checksslincldir "$dir"
        for dir in "$withval" "$withval/lib64“ "$withval/lib"; do

This is the way to bind static the OpenSSL libraries only.
I’m wrong, perhaps?!

With Regards,

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