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Unknown host showed up

From: Sorin Srbu
Subject: Unknown host showed up
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 07:25:54 +0000

Hi all,

An unknown host showed up in the hostlist in M/Monit called
localhost.localdomain. It's most probably a misconfigured newly installed
machine, but I can't seem to find its IP in M/Monit web-gui.

Is there anything special to it?

We use sqlite as a database in our small environment, so I figured it'd be
easy to just open the db with eg DB browser for SQLite and look it up.
I loaded the mmonit.db from /usr/local/mmonit/mmonit-3.7.1/db in the
sqlite-browser, went to Browse data and choose the host table and found the
host. It was the only one running monit v5.5.

Hostid points to  nameid which in turn points to a name  which points to

Is the ipaddrin column in the host table supposed to show just "localhost"?

But how do I find the ip-address??

I'd be grateful for some pointers.

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