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Re: CHECK FILE with script to determine filepath

From: Lutz Mader
Subject: Re: CHECK FILE with script to determine filepath
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 10:18:52 +0100
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Hello Marc,
monit doesn't handle varying log file namens.

check file Manager_Log with path "/var/log/em.log"
  if not exist then exec "/usr/local/etc/monit/scripts/"
  if size > 10 MB for 15 cycles then exec
  ignore match "^.*\[INFO\].*"
  if match "^FATAL ERROR:.*" then exec
#  if match "^.*\[ERROR\].*" then alert
  group Manager

This is the way how monit handle logs, unfortunately there is no way to
handle log files with varying names or multiple log files in one step.

I try to handle this by using a script to create a link to the file with
the varying name in the past. But this is useful as long as the varying
log file will deleted or moved only.

check directory Log path "/var/log"
   if changed timestamp then exec "/usr/local/etc/monit/scripts/"
  group Manager

But I spend no time to write a script to handle directory changes to
detect/find new log files in the log folder and create a link.

No useful suggestion,

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