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Re: loadavg figures - percentages or not?

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: loadavg figures - percentages or not?
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019 22:53:41 +0200


the loadavg is not percent - as the manual states, it is absolute value: number of processes in the run queue. The practical limit depends on the number of CPUs and the typical load pattern - a rule of thumb we use is 2 processes per CPU core. If the machine has for example 48 cores, the loadavg of 96 is usually acceptable. There could be also spikes which are common and you may want to suppress false alerts, the example shows setup where high loadavg values for several consecutive cycles are needed before the alert is triggered.

To make the configuration easier, i think we can introduce some kind of "per CPU core" load average test, so the configuration will work the same regardless of CPU cores count, something like:

if loadavg(1m) per core > 1.9 then alert

Best regards,

On 8 Apr 2019, at 15:38, Jamie Burchell <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi there


On the Monit documentation on “System resource tests” ( the “loadavg” figures look like they could be percentages rather than absolute values. Is that correct, or am I misreading?


Most of the examples I’ve seen elsewhere for using the “loadavg” checks appear to be using single figures ( - System Services).


If I’ve misunderstood then I’ll probably want to calculate these values based on the number of processors – but not necessary if these are percentages?


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