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Re: HTTPS connection to mmonit

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: HTTPS connection to mmonit
Date: Wed, 1 May 2019 01:14:24 +0200

> What is strange is that is neither the address of my server OR 
> my client - it is completely unknown to me (and a reverse lookup just tells 
> me it is a private address). is part of a private IP-range, like and and 
probably setup by the system you use or your network admin. 

> I have tried with both the supplied mmonit.pem and a self-generated 
> certificate, but I get the same error.
> The bits of server.xml that I changed are:
> <Connector scheme="https" address="*" port="8443" processors="10" 
> secure="true" />
> ..
> <Engine name="mmonit" defaultHost=“" fileCache="10MB">
> ..
> <Host address=“xx.xx.xx.xx" name="" appBase="." 
> certificate="conf/mmonit.pem” >
> Any ideas on what I have misconfigured?

When configuring SSL it is important that your hostname is in DNS, you can 
unfortunately not just invent a hostname here. The name attribute in <Host> 
(and defaultHost in <Engine>) must point to a real hostname in DNS.  If 
“” is not in DNS try using your IP address instead. You must 
then access mmonit using https://<your-ip-address>/ The manual and the chapter 
about setting up M/Monit with SSL has more information,

Best regards

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